The Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for Seizures

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurology Center has long supported seizure management through Diet. The Ketogenic Diet has saved the lives of many and improved the lifestyle of countless more. This intensive diet is very high in fat, and low in Carbohydrates (low-carb). In this, it resembles Dr. Atkins low carb diet designed for both weight loss and healthy living.

If you are seeking an alternative to traditional medicine used to treat epilepsy or even an alternative to the Ketogenic diet, the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures may be just the solution you are looking for.

After four years and six different anti-seizure medications that didn’t help our daughter, we discovered Dr. Eric Kossoff and the Atkins Diet for Seizures. Our daughter became patient number thirteen in a study that ended in April, 2005. Through this diet, she became medicine free. She has 5 to 10 seizures a day down from 100 per day while on medication! Please take a moment to read our story. I also recommend that you pick up at least the first couple books in our recommended reading section. Finally, I’ve found through this great network of people some great products and suppliers that are a huge help to anyone trying this Modified Atkins Diet or the stricter Ketogenic diet. You can browse these resources here.

Note: The Modified Atkins Diet seems to work just as well for adults as it does children. Our story revolves around our experience with our daughter, however, all the resources apply equally well to adults, and Johns Hopkins is conducting ongoing studies for both children and adults using this protocol.  In our ebook, we include interviews with two adults who are successfully using the Modified Atkins Diet to control their seizures.

While Atkins for Seizures will not work for everybody, I believe this information needs to be made available to the medical community as soon as possible. There is also a need for centralized sharing of recipes, references, financial assistance, low-carb/keto-friendly suppliers, etc. Welcome to that place. It is our goal to provide support to families looking for more information.

Diet for Epilepsy Resources and Low Carb Recipes

One thing you will not find here is medical advice. We are families that have benefited from this approach not pediatric neurologists. We will share our experiences and resources, but each child is different. Please seek qualified medical guidance. Dr. Eric Kossoff is an excellent resource and may be able to assist you in finding the guidance.