Articles – Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for Seizures

Find here list of articles on seizures, epilepsy, and the Modified Atkins Diet. Some of these are news stories, some are the stories and experiences of those who have used the diet. Other articles include some interesting studies and experiences relating to seizures – but not necessarily in conjunction with MAD.

These articles have for the most part been found by and recommended by readers of this site. Some have been written by and contributed by readers of this site. If you have an article you would like to contribute to our site, please contact us.

How to Start the Modified Atkins Diet

Diets and Adults – Does it Work? (opens in new window)

Dr. Kossoff’s Video Presentation on the Modified Atkins Diet

Seizures in Children – How Can Parents Cope?

Can Atkins Help Kids with Epilepsy? (opens in new window)

The Atkins Diet: A Promising Treatment for Intractable Epilepsy (opens new window)

Atkins Diet May Help People with Epilepsy (opens new window)

Atkins Diet May Reduce Epilepsy Seizures in Children with Epilepsy (opens new window)

Mozart ‘can cut epilepsy’ (opens new window)

The Power of Mozart (opens new window)

MAD being offered in South Carolina (opens in new window)

MAD in South Korea – Article by Dr. Kossoff (opens in new window)

What Does a Seizure Feel Like?

What Does it Feel Like to Have a Seizure – Part 2

* Guest Post – Atkins Meal Plan for Epileptics

* Guest Post – How Aromatherapy Can Help with Epilepsy

* Guest Post – Relaxation Techniques for Epilepsy

Stories From Families Visiting this Site

DJ’s Story (Ohio, USA)

Tor’s Story (Norway)

Yvette’s Story – TLE, Auras, and Triggers (South Africa)

Susan’s Story – Glucose Transport Deficiency?

Denise’s Story – HAAS Avocados

Sharon’s Story – Adult with Seizures

Please share your story! Thousands of people will be encouraged as they read they are not alone in dealing with the plague of epilepsy. It is also of great comfort to learn that not only are others coping with the same situation – many have found great quality of life and fantastic freedoms and accomplishment – while rising above any ‘seeming’ handicap that epilepsy brings.