Join our online community using Atkins for Seizures!

Starting and continuing with Modified Atkins for Seizures can be challenging, but good support and reliable resources can help keep you on track to achieve better seizure control. We found online communities to be an essential support for us, particularly in the early stages of our daughter’s Atkins journey.

For this reason, we set up our support group and now have a well-established, active Facebook Support Group, which we encourage you to join! It’s a fantastic, free resource where you can find mutual encouragement, great recipes, tips, and more from a helpful community, all with personal experience of Modified Atkins for Seizures. As a member, you can submit questions to the group anytime for help when you need it. Many of our members have used Atkins to control seizures for years or have helped a family member to do so; they have a wealth of knowledge to share!

You can also find dozens of interviews with people living with seizures and their family members on our YouTube Channel! Find out what their challenges have been and how they have overcome them, including seizure triggers, starting the diet, experiences with seizure medications, and more!

Are you about to start the Atkins diet? The early days can be incredibly daunting – we’ve been there! That’s why we have compiled a Complete Support Kit to start the Modified Atkins Diet. It includes a free consultation with a certified health coach who can provide nutritional information, help you plan for your circumstances, and set realistic goals. In addition, you’ll receive access to other invaluable tools, such as a monthly newsletter packed with helpful information and our book, “The Companion Reference Guide to the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.” This includes recipes, experiences from families, and answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re feeling lost or alone, the complete support kit will equip you to start the diet feeling informed, supported, and empowered!