Article – Denise’s Story about HAAS Avocados

My son has been on the keto for over 3 yrs. The list of “approved” foods on the ketocalculator states Haas avacados from CA or Mexico only.

I went to Raleys market and purchased HAAS avacados like I have so many times before. Alec starts having seizures right away, I can’t figure out why (meanwhile I’m still feeding him the HAAS avacados) until I have one avacado left and it has a little sticker on it and in VERY TINY print it says from CHILE!! I just assumed these were from CA….the ones I purchased the week before were!

The ones from Chile taste more like fruit and do not have that fat, buttery taste.

I believe they are higher in carbs.

ALWAYS GOTTA BE ON OUR GAME!!! lol! (However, it was not funny at the time.)