Denise’s Story- Hass Avocados

My son had been on the Ketogenic diet for over 3 years. The list of approved foods on the Ketocalculator states Hass avocados, from California or Mexico only.

I went to Raley’s supermarket and purchased Hass avocados, like I have so many times before, and Alec starts having seizures right away. I can’t figure out why. Meanwhile I’m still feeding him the Hass avocados until I have one avocado left which I notice has a little sticker on it. In VERY TINY print it says it’s from CHILE! I just assumed these were from California – the ones I had purchased the week before were.

The difference, the ones from Chile taste more like fruit and do not have that fat, buttery taste. I believe they are higher in carbs.

It just shows, we’ve always gotta be on our game! It may be a funny story to tell now but it wasn’t funny at the time!


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