Environmental Seizure Triggers

This is a list of seizure triggers compiled from a survey of readers of this website.  Please keep in mind the following three things about this list.

There are many different types and causes of seizures.  Depending on your circumstances, different environmental triggers may apply.  For example, some people are susceptible to auditory triggers – maybe sounds at a certain frequency or volume.  This could be due to an injury or weakness in the part of the brain that processes sound.  Another’s triggers could be tactile or visual.  In many cases it is helpful to think of things that over stimulate, or as one person put it “things that cause sharp sensory input”.

This is not a complete or scientific survey and list.  Several hundred people responded to our survey.  The respondents were readers of this website from all over the world.  If you are willing to share triggers you’ve discovered that are not this list or the other two lists of triggers (Dietary and Chemical Triggers and State of Health Triggers) please email us and we will add it to the list.

The primary reason we’ve compiled a “seizure trigger” list is to assist people in identifying triggers in their diet – as that is the focus of this website.  Please see the list “Dietary and Chemical Seizure Triggers” for this information.

Reported Environmental Seizure Triggers

Too much heat (overheating)
Flickering lights (fluorescent, TV, video games, sunlight through trees, computer screen, etc)
Bright lights (sun, full moon, lightening)
Light at night
Sudden sounds (dog barking, thunder – some describe being “startled into a seizure”)
Certain sound frequencies (shrill, surround sound, specific music)
Optical distortion (illusions, bifocal glasses, patterns)
Unexpected touch
Weather extremes (hot, cold, humid, barometric pressure)
Chemicals and/or smells (detergent, soap, perfume, candles, air fresheners)
Quick movement toward face
Immersion in water