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General Discussion / Re: Is it possible to eat "healthy" with this diet?
« Last post by nvweiss on November 19, 2015, 12:46:46 PM »
Hi Anna,
Welcome to the forum. For help with the diet, and recipes, I recommend you read as much as you can on the forum if you haven't already done so. Read Michael's thread on Getting started, as well as the thread on recipes. Also, as you get familiar with some of the members and their experience with the diet, feel free to email them and ask for suggestions and recipes. There is one that was under the recipe thread for a fruit shake, that you may enjoy. This is a high fat, low carb diet though and the key is regulating your ketones to what works for you. It does take time, but as you are already seeing results, hang in there. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
Naiomi Weiss
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General Discussion / Is it possible to eat "healthy" with this diet?
« Last post by Panni on November 19, 2015, 12:06:26 AM »
Hello Everyone! I am new to this site as well as to the diet. I have partial complex seizures, about 50 per month. While they are very short and not debilitating, I do get a little disoriented after a bunch of them. Also, as I am a psychotherapist, it is really not much fun to have these seizures mid-sentence in a session with a patient. So, I decided to give this diet a try. I started about 3 weeks ago. I will not know if it is working or not until a full month is past, since the seizures tend to come in batches. None for two weeks, and then 15-20 in a couple of days and adds up to about 50 by the end of the month.

I am finding it somewhat difficult to eat this way. I LOVE fruits and vegetables and really miss them. I was already gluten free for several years, so that was no problem. Now I am actually concerned about not getting a variety of essential nutrients and worry that it is really not possible to eat healthy on this diet. Anyone has any suggestions for me? Thank you all for listening! Anna
General Discussion / Experiences with loss of seizure control and/or ketosis
« Last post by Sabinalu on July 07, 2015, 04:04:07 PM »
you said it yourself he is a horrible teacher. go find another teacher and stop trying to learn from him. some people can teach, others cant.

you may also want to try a different approach with him. tell him to show you a beat without showing off so you can get the beat down first.
General Discussion / Re: Recipes
« Last post by nvweiss on January 13, 2015, 11:33:51 AM »
General Discussion / Re: How long does it take for diet to work
« Last post by nvweiss on September 18, 2014, 11:33:37 AM »
Cliff and Renga being that both of you are new to the forum, I think the following article by Dr Kossoff from Johns Hopkins Hospital in MD will be very informative to both of you on the Diet and ratios.

Naiomi Weiss
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General Discussion / Re: How long does it take for diet to work
« Last post by Haydenm on September 18, 2014, 04:43:33 AM »
Hi Renga & Nvweiss ,  thanks for the response & suggestions.  I have not really been measuring any fats, just carbs.  We are usually not at 10 g carbs per day.  I will start monitoring the fat as well as eee if that can help. Does anyone know how much we need to b administering ?

I will look for the threads too and see if there is something I can use there too.

ps.  We are into week 3 and cannot get to 80 ketones so consequently the seizures have not gotten any better.  They seem to be harder now then they were but we have reduced almost all the AED's now.  We are not getting more seizures , just harder ones.

Thanks a bunch .
General Discussion / Re: How long does it take for diet to work
« Last post by nvweiss on September 15, 2014, 05:26:48 PM »
Dear Cliff and Renga,

Here is hoping you have success with the diet. The first few weeks is always a challenge as you have learn new recipes and get used to the measuring. Also it takes time for the body to adapt, so it is not unusual for things to fluctuate. I found the thread from Ted on "Experiences with loss of seizure control and/or ketosis " to be very helpful. I would also recommend reading the thread by Michael on getting started. There are numerous experiences on this site. Michael recommends a slow start, not too many new things at once and watch for reactions.  Please keep posting any questions you have, also if response is slow, but you notice a thread from someone that may have answers for you, feel free to email them directly. Hope this is helpful.
Naiomi Weiss
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General Discussion / Re: How long does it take for diet to work
« Last post by Renga on September 15, 2014, 10:41:45 AM »
Hi Haydenm,
I am so sorry that you are all going thru such a difficult time, We are in the same boat, so i understand. I am resting all my hopes on this diet and hope it proves to be a miracle for us just like how it has for others. Last few days she has been having restless sleep not sure what is causing it but I am worried of another seizure!!

Did your nutritionist provide details on how much fat he needs a day? Our nutritionist gave us how much fat she needs to consume a day and we try to maintain that. Although you don't have to measure everything in MAD , i still weigh everything just to be extra careful as first few months are very important

We use KetoCal in breakfast recipe. My daughter likes the Ketocal Pancakes, waffle, muffin etc., They taste good.  Let me know if you need the recipes. I can send the link. We also make Ketocal liquid out of the powder and give it to her like milk in the evening.  Butter, Heavy Cream and Mayo is pretty much in every meal. Cheese for snack. Not sure how long this will last. We also started noticing some drop the last few days. It used to be in 160 but right now its between 80-160. I think that's pretty standard

I think  timing of when you measure also matters. Our daughters seems high in the evening and at night before sleep but morning seems a bit low

Wishing you luck
General Discussion / Re: How long does it take for diet to work
« Last post by Haydenm on September 15, 2014, 05:06:59 AM »
Hi Renga , I am wondering the same thing.  We are somewhat in the same boat as you.  Our 12 yr. old son has been on the diet just over 2 weeks now. We cannot however get to a steady 80 ketones.  We are even using a nutritionist !  We noticed once the keto cal started ,we could no longer achieve it. Are you using Keto Cal ?
Any suggestions on how to get to 80 and stay there ?
General Discussion / Re: Please Introduce Yourself!
« Last post by Haydenm on September 15, 2014, 04:56:58 AM »
Hello , my name is Cliff & my 12 year old son has been battling Epilepsy for about 1 1/2 years.  The seizures started with painful cluster headaches and have now developed into full tonic colonic seizures. We have tried everything we can think of and have researched and researched. Finally after all of this time our Neuro Dr. suggested trying the MAD route.

We have been on it for just over 2 weeks now and cannot get our son up to 80 ketones.  We have been able to do it only a couple of times but that has been it.  Most times he hovers between 20-40.  We cannot cut back any more food than we already have with  him as it is already minimal amounts and he is losing weight but that is about it. 

He has not stopped his seizure pattern either.  He has been having them as frequently as ever.  Actually they are much HARDER now than when he was on a regular diet.  We are at a lose as to what to do anymore. We have no ides why we cannot achieve the 80 ketones we are supposed to.  Our carbs are not even close to 10 most days.  Could it be the keto cal ?  It seems like we are giving him A LOT !  We have the 4:1 ratio and giving him 30 grams per day in 7.5 oz of water. This was the suggestion of our dietician at the Neuro Dr. office. Also, she mentioned that we can count NET carbs by subtracting the grams of fiber.  Is this all correct ?  At this rate, a can of keto cal  only lasts 11 days.... this doesn't seem right ?  Does anyone know ?

I feel like we haven't given the MAD diet a proper try because we cannot get to 80 ketones but at the same time, our son is having much stronger seizures.  He is now trying to get up and run while having them. He is starting to fight us and push away when he used to just rock and shake back and forth until it passed. We are very fearful that we may be doing something wrong here.

Can anyone help us ???  Like so many of you other parents out there, we feel so helpless !
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