Links We’ve Found Useful

Please link to us if you think this site will benefit your audience.  These are links that we’ve found useful.

Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurology

Atkins Nutritionals

The Charlie Foundation  – Jim Abrahams set up the “The Charlie Foundation” after his son’s epilepsy was cured using the Ketogenic diet.  Since then, The Charlie Foundation has spread the word about the Ketogenic diet on a global scale. I encourage you to read Charlie’s story.

Surviving Wonderland – This is the website of an adult who suffers from Epilepsy.  You can read part of her story here, or visit her website.

Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics  – Combining the Atkins diet seizures and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Call 909-889-7626

Atkins Diet for Seizures Blog with recipes and resources by the same author who created this website.

The Modified Atkins Diet in Refractory Epilepsy – Study results of Modified Atkins Diet

Healthy Ketogenic Recipes – Contributed by one of our readers, Kelsey.  We really appreciate contributions like this!  Email us with your helpful links.

Resume and Career Guide for People with Disabilities – Best practices for resume writing, laws that protect you from discrimination, and several other topics that you should know about as a disabled worker.

College Planning Guide for Students With Learning Disabilities  Find out how to request accommodations, navigate campus, and apply for scholarships with our college planning guide for students with learning disabilities.