Low Carb Suppliers

Please note! Some of the products on this page or sold by these advertisers may not be appropriate for you. Please check the product information sheets carefully – read the labels. Each person has their own thresholds and intolerances.

One our favorite suppliers is Netrition (click banner above or any of the highlighted products). Try their Carbquik as a substitute for baking mix. From their website:

Carbquik will work in almost any recipe calling for traditional bake mix. It can be used in pancakes, biscuits, waffles, pizzas, and just about any other baked product. You can even fry with it (don’t try that with other low-carb bake mixes).”

We also get the MCT Oil from Netrition and their Coconut Oil.  Also from Netrition, you can order the fantastic DaVinci Syrups in dozens of flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Pie – you name it. These syrups are incredible! We’ve made Italian sodas, tea, flavored ice creams, etc. We stock approximately 12 different flavors for our child with the sweet tooth.

Finally it is important to have Natural Calm (magnesium) for constipation on hand. This too is available at Netrition.

carbquik MCT Oil DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup Coconut Oil Natural Calm


Order once case of KetoCal Here. For more information about this, watch Dr. Kossoff’s video presentation. He discusses KetoCal in Part Two. Or start at the beginning with Part One.


The C.F. Sauer Company – makes Duke’s Mayonnaise. This is a great, sugar free, zero carb mayonnaise that they will ship to your home.
Main Office: 1-800-688-5676


Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste contains no SUGAR and no SORBITOL. It is very annoying when your child’s toothpaste contains a seizure trigger! Who would of thought?!

Toms of Maine


With a high protein diet comes LOTS OF COOKING MEAT. While it might be nice to go down to Lowe’s and get a top of line grill and have your husband do all the cooking – that might not be realistic. This small, portable grill from Amazon is their best seller. It is very affordable and just right when cooking for one to four people. And better yet – your husband will love using it! Here is one of the reviews from their site:

This review is from: Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler (Kitchen)

“I have been looking for a quality multifunctional griddle and was ecstatic when I found this one! A lot of options packed into this griddler and getting 40% off sealed the deal.

-compact when closed therefore easy to store.
-heats quickly and evenly.
-makes the best paninis I’ve ever had; crisp on the outside.
-grilling inside when the weather outside is bad is a huge plus.
-can grill open or closed depending on how much I need to make and the type of food.
-the lid conforms to the thickness of the food.
-easy to clean.
-drip tray catches every bit of grease.
-because of the multiple options it replaces several older and bulkier appliance I had.

-can’t think of any.”


Supplements for Calcium and High Cholesterol: As mentioned in our eBook, we had startling success using an all natural supplement to bring down and control our daughter’s high cholesterol that came as a side effect of this diet.

When our daughter started the diet, her triglyceride levels where 190 and within normal range. Within just a couple months, they had risen to 250. Although high, this was considered acceptable for children on the diet. Four months later the number was 271.

We found a fantastic, natural food supplement to regulate cholesterol. Four months on this supplement and our daughter’s triglyceride levels had dropped to 217, and they stayed low.

These products are only available through a direct selling (mail order) arrangement, and at wholesale-direct prices. We are customers of the company and order every month. Besides their supplements, we use a number of their chemical free and bio-degradable cleaning products. A shocking number of common household products contain chemicals proven to be seizure triggers (and worse).

If you would like more information about ordering these products, please email us here.