Recommended Reading List – Atkins for Seizures

If you or a family member is considering the Modified Atkins Diet for seizures, the ebook “Atkins Diet for Seizures” (available on the right) is a great resource to prepare you many of the day to day issues you will face. Besides this book, here is a list of additional books that helped us.

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The first two books in this list are the most important. The updated version of “The Ketogenic Diet” has a terrific chapter on the Modified Atkins Diet. The second book “Diet for Seizures” is the paperback version of our eBook. The information is the same other than this version is very slightly updated, is formatted for paper and has a new forward written by Dr. Kossoff, the pioneer and lead investigator for the diet.

The next three books will help you learn to count carbs and find recipes. All three books provide recipes and meal plans that can be used or modified to fit the Atkins Diet for Seizures protocol. If you only get one of these, pick up Atkin’s book.