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If you are following a low carb diet, the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, the Ketogenic Diet for Seizures, or have Epilepsy – here are some resources that may be of interest to you:

These are two things recommended by Dr. Kossoff in his lecture to neurologists and dieticians in Canada about the Modified Atkins Diet. You can watch his entire presentation here:

1) Recommended bookCalorie King Fat & Carbohydrate Counter” (opens in new window)

2) Recommended for first month, click to order one case of “KetoCal” (opens in new window)


Recommended Reading for the Modified Atkins Diet and Keto Diets:


Other recommended reading for Low Carb diets for Seizures – Click Here

Email Dr. Kossoff for a referral or information on any current studies at Johns Hopkins

Charities for Epileptics:

Each of these organizations offers some type of assistance. They have differing standards and procedures for applying for help. Please visit them for more information.

The Epilepsy Foundation

Both CURE and PACE are very large charitable organizations that are not Epilepsy specific. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Business organizations to find a local branch. Sometimes local businesses have additional charities that they will sponsor for people in their community needing assistance.

Travel Assistance

Many airlines run programs where their frequent flyers will donate mileage for the benefit of children that need to travel for healthcare. Both American Airlines and Northwest gave us free tickets from Colorado to Baltimore, Maryland so that we could participate in the Johns Hopkins study.

Getting this assistance requires some organization and diligence in finding and applying for the benefits. Of extreme value to us was a helpful and sympathetic nurse in the public health department in our county.

Webpages With More Information on Epilepsy

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