Article – Sharon’s Story

I am the one with epilepsy so these are triggers for an adult.
I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which is also referred to by some of my doctors as a Complex Partial Seizure Condition.
I am photosensitive -which involves a low percentage of those with epilepsy.
I am drug resistant -which falls within a 30 % to 40 % group with TLE.
I no longer work as a result of the triggers and the inability to take medication.

My triggers include:

• Lack of sleep and fatique
• Extreme heat or cold
• Flickering light-natural or fluorescent
• Electronic flickering from TV, movie screens, computers and smart phones
• Stress and emotional distress
• Loud noise or confusing noises, crowds or car movement
• Some classical music, live music (as in a stage musical or jazz band)
• Alcohol, caffeine or tobacco
• AED medications, some antibotics and narcotics

Each of the triggers impacts me in a different way. For instance loud noise, crowds or major confusion might bring on a complex seizure, while flourescent lights cause my muscles to lock up until I am unable to move.

Additional information is available at my website here:

Sharon Powell