Our Story with the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures


My wife Tammy and I live in Colorado, United States, with our four children. We have considered it a privilege to be able to put together and maintain this website. I hope this will be a resource that positively impacts the quality of life for you and your family, as the Atkins Diet for Seizures has impacted out life.

Our oldest child (daughter born November 1997) has had absence seizures since she was two years old. We’ve tried six different AED’s – with no positive impact. We found Dr. Eric Kossoff in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Johns Hopkins hospital and the Atkins for Seizures diet in August, 2004. What a difference it has made
in our lives!Of course, the diet involved plenty of work and lots of education to work this it into our daily lifestyle. But it has been worth it! It is our hope that this website will shorten the learning curve for families that are using this dietary approach to managing epilepsy.

We’ve Written an Ebook to Assist You

In addition to putting together this website, we’ve written an ebook about our experience with the Atkins Diet for Seizures. We wish there had been a resource like this available when we started the diet – but we are also thrilled to be able to bring it to you! Click below to learn more about the ebook “Atkins For Seizures – One Child’s Journey”.