The Support Kit includes The Companion Reference Guide which offers invaluable information to help you start the Modified Atkins Diet successfully.  It answers key questions, offers insightful advice from other families, and provides a range of low carb recipes to get you started.


How do I help my child not cheat?
To cope at school?
During the holidays?
What kind of fats should I use?

All these and more are answered by families who have been on the MAD or Keto journey.


Shared for your benefit by families who have gone before you.

Like Katelyn, who was 9 when she developed epilepsy.  She ended up on a medication merry-go-round while her parents had to give up everything to care for her full time.  You’ll find out how the Ketogentic Diet and MAD helped her and many others.


Over 40 breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and bread recipes to help you get started… tried and tested by families on MAD or the Keto Diet.



Some of the resources you will receive in our Premium Newsletter are:

A FEATURED RECIPE.   Something new to try each week, especially great to help find food children will enjoy or just to make a change.
INTERVIEWS.   Find out how our daughter, Brooklyn, felt about being on MAD, what difficulties she faced and how she feels today about the experience.
TESTIMONIALS.  Find out how Benjamin, who had his first prolonged seizure at age 3, went from 50-100 seizures a day to just 3 silent seizures in the space of a year.
INFORMATIVE ARTICLES.   Like… What are ketones? What are sugar alcohols? How do I cook without carbohydrates? What if my child doesn’t like the food? Can we go out to eat?

FREE 20 Minute Consultation with April Parr

April Parr is a long time RN who experienced health concerns that took her down a path of holistic nutrition and treatment. The improvement in her health incited her desire to become educated in the field of nutrition. She studied holistic nutrition coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified through the International Association of Heath Coaches.

Why work with a health coach?

Our Health Coach will:

Help you plan for your personal circumstances.
Assist you in mastering meal plans.
Provide tools for working with picky eaters.
Help make the diet change safer.
Provide rational and nutritional information for dietary needs.
Help you set realistic goals and provide actionable steps.
Be your guide on the side, empowering you to become your, or your child’s, best health advocate.

We have compiled a MAD Complete Support Kit to help you successfully maneuver through your journey on the Modified Atkins For Seizures Diet.  These tools will help you learn from other family’s experiences, as well as get personal care from a trained professional.

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